Velocity Systems officially announces they acquired the Mayflower Research and Consulting Brand. For some of you this is not a new concept because Velocity Systems and Mayflower Research and Consulting have been operating as a team to collaboratively develop protective gear for the last 7 and a half years.

The need for the partnership occurred in 2008 when the demand for Mayflower gear was increasing exponentially and Travis Rolph’s services were needed by our country in a different capacity. While Travis continued to design all products under the Mayflower name, Velocity Systems began handling the logistics and manufacturing of all Mayflower products.

The decision was made that Velocity Systems and Mayflower were a good fit due to both companies’ dedication to produce quality products at the speed of need. Both companies were also committed to research and development and listening to feedback in order to create products tailored to fit the needs of the individuals that protect and serve our country. In January of 2014, Velocity Systems officially acquired the Mayflower Brand. Throughout the partnership and acquisition this dedication and commitment only grew stronger and has created a more competitive and efficient global provider of protective products, and solutions.

While the acquisition has not been a secret, the decision was made to wait a substantial period of time before making an official public announcement. Both brands have a loyal customer base and wanted to take the opportunity to prove the merge would only enhance the product offerings. David Strum, Velocity Systems President had this to say about the acquisition, “The joining of the two brands allowed us to leverage operating efficiencies and concentrate more on the end user’s needs. This created more time for research and development, and collaborative design opportunities. The change resulted in a more comprehensive portfolio featuring high-quality products with leading technology.”

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