Since I received the Vertx EDC Ready pack I have used it in a wide variety of roles and it has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I commonly find myself working out of my vehicle, carrying work home with me, or making the common weekend trips to do some activity and the EDC Ready Pack easily transitioned from each role with ease.

The first day I received the pack I loaded it up with my uniform, boots, and other necessities for a day at work and headed in to work. The small outer zippered pouch carried all the necessary EDC items such as my wallet, keys, phone, knife, etc. The laptop pouch on the back easily held my clipboard and map overlays, and the large pouch managed one pair of boots and a full uniform. The expandable bottle pouches held my Nalgene bottle but would also tighten up to hold a smaller water bottle or similar sized item.  

The following weekend I took it to the range with me in place of my normal duffel style range bag and it held multiple PMAGS, a Magpul D60, FNH SCAR mags, a full complement of Glock mags, Peltors, some ammo, 1911 mags, eye pro, and some other assorted gear. The pack comes with ample storage to neatly store all of the equipment. Currently, the pack is serving as my gym bag. Right now it has my Nike Metcons, Tupperware of chalk, swimming shorts, goggles, gym clothes, a towel, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and my lifting belt. It stores all this with plenty of room for any other things I may need throughout the day such as protein, pre-workout, or food.

This pack is well constructed with durable zippers and stitching leading to a sturdy reliable feel when carrying or storing the pack. I have not done any long duration movements with the pack on, however, the mesh backing is comfortable and breathable. The best thing about the EDC Ready Pack is the way Vertx designed it to look like a normal daypack. On your daily commute or walk to work you won’t be the guy rocking a pack that has 6,000 rows of MOLLE and unlimited Velcro. You can instead trust the “gray man” look of the EDC Ready Pack will help you blend into the crowd while still maintaining the ability to carry your daily loadout or scale up your kit based on the environment you find yourself in. Vertx has their line of products to attach to the Velcro contained in the pack that can hold handguns, mags, small organizational pouches. You also have the option to attach your own MOLLE pouches inside the packs tuck-away front flap if your environment calls for those pouches. Overall I am very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone who has more than a pocketful of things related to their EDC. Vertx makes a variety of colors allowing you to blend in with whatever environment you may find yourself in.

Author – Tanner Hodges is an Active Duty Marine Infantryman currently serving as a Platoon Sergeant with 3dBn 2d Marines. He holds two infantry MOS’s (0351/0365) and has completed Infantry Small Unit Leader’s Course, and Advanced Infantryman Course. He has trained in Mountain Warfare, Desert Warfare, and Jungle Warfare all around the globe.