I hadn’t owned a backpack for about 15 years when I came across Vertx. That time frame probably makes me seem a lot older than I am(I’m 27), but long story short, I didn’t carry one a day past the end of 5th grade. I can’t remember thinking “I want a backpack!” at any point in my adult life, actually. When my first Vertx bag, the EDC Ready, came in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ended up liking it a lot, and I ran it for a while before realizing it really was too bulky for me. In the past year, I’ve moved through three Vertx bags before landing on the EDC Transit Sling as my favorite. It’s a great everyday bag, not too bulky and cumbersome, but not impractically small. Specs from the Vertx website are below:

BAG SIZE: 17″H x 11″W x 6″D

CAPACITY: 16 liters

WEIGHT: 2 lb. 9.4 oz.


  • VELCRO-lined, rapid access concealed carry platform
  • Tactigami™ and MOLLE compatible
  • Orbital strap design allows fast back-to-front transition
  • Quick-snap pivot buckle attachment at the shoulder
  • 1919 modular webbing on shoulder strap provides multiple attachment points
  • Spacer mesh back panel provides comfort and breathability for all-day use
  • Optional waist strap stows away while not in use
  • Constructed of durable CORDURA® fabric
  • Hide-out convertible front flap acts as an additional load sling or stows away to reveal MOLLE field
  • The pass-through back panel allows attachment to rolling luggage
  • YKK® zippers

My favorite feature is the sling strap, which makes carrying the bag, taking it on and off, and moving with it feel very intuitive. I’m a small framed woman, and I don’t want to feel like the bag is carrying me. Between the combination of a smaller bag and the sling strap, I never feel inconvenienced by it.

The bag has three compartments. The smaller front pouch is convertible, and can be run with a low vis, conventional backpack look or tucked away for a more overt molle front(photos below.) I don’t like to look overtly tactical, so I never run the molle exposed.

The main compartment is roomy, but not too large. It has one zipper pocket, as well as small open pockets for pens and knives. The main compartment also has a strap for securing a laptop or tablet, and a zipper pouch that accommodates a body armor panel. (Premier Body Armor produces dedicated panels for every Vertx model.)

The final compartment is the company’s primary selling point: the concealed carry compartment. On body carry is always better, but the reality is, concealed carry is tough for women. It’s hard to be comfortable, or even able to conceal a firearm and holster in every outfit or circumstance. If you find yourself in a situation where carrying on body isn’t viable or convenient, this bag is an option to consider. Certainly, off body carry is better than choosing not to carry at all, which may be tempting if it isn’t comfortable or concealable with your outfit. I also know of a few moms who use Vertx bags when they’re concerned that carrying hyperactive toddlers might compromise their appendix setup.

The whole interior of the bag can be customized with foldable velcro holsters and pouches(Vertx calls it “Tactigami.”) I carry my Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm in the carry compartment and it stays secure in the Tactigami holster. You could also use the other Tactigami pieces for spare mags, flashlights, or pepper spray.

One final note: I do recommend training the draw regularly, for speed and muscle memory. You can find videos demonstrating the draw at the Vertx Instagram, @vertx_official. For an additional discount on your Vertx gear, use code FENRIR to get 25% off your order.

Alex Haynes is a licensed private investigator and bail recovery agent. With her partner Jon, she owns Fenrir Recovery, a full-time bail recovery business in Atlanta, Georgia. 4 years of experience in investigations and field work have given her the opportunity to test a variety of tactical and EDC gear. Her goal is to find the most effective solutions for women, whether they’re prepared citizens, or working in a tactical field. You can find her on Instagram as @w.asp.