If you’re looking for an “all-in-one” range bag, I would highly suggest the Vertx A-Range Bag.

Some features that immediately stood out to me with this bag:

  • The upper and lower deck.
  • Extra 6 pistol magazine pouch
  • Garage deck with pull-out drawers
  • Lock down cable system

I’ve personally been able to carry my two side arms, (6) pistol magazines, (5) AR-15 magazines, (5) .300 5 round Win Mag AI magazines, (5) .308 20 round magazines, D.O.P.E book, cleaning supplies, etc. More than enough for an in the vehicle or quick deployment bag.

For those that collect the brass after a day at the range, the Vertx A-Range bag comes with special compartments/drawers that not only allows you to place the expended brass in a pouch, but also filters the unnecessary debris you can collect on the range.

With the two-story design, the bag gives you versatility.  I like to keep the majority of the weight on the base of the bag, and keep my range cards, Kestrel, etc., on the top story as well as the large side pouch.

(Bag size is 10″ X 12″ X 19″)


(Featured image courtesy of itstactical.com)