Over the years I have had ample opportunity to use a relatively substantial variety of body armor. The tremendous variety of armor configurations and, in some cases, so called technology amazes me. I know that some guys swear that they will live or die by this brand or that, and that others have particular preferences in regards to how they combine this soft armor and those hard plates. But not everyone has the luxury of sophisticated opinions, as many do not have the pocketbook to afford them.

When my own brother was serving in Afghanistan and had voiced his dissatisfaction with the current issue armor carrier system, I immediately took action to get him what best suited his needs. Armor is the type of thing that you don’t fuck around with.

Stand By
Most of the people in my circles have some particular armor rig that they landed upon at some juncture and stuck with for years. Mine was a Safariland apparatus that had integrated mag pouches on the front, and an integrated radio pouch on the back—that is all. It was a heavy vest, one of the soft/hard armor combos that could stop an AP round or two. I liked this vest a lot, I still own it and I might never get rid of it in fact as it has become my “truck armor”; a permanent resident of my truck tucked away in an inconspicuous duffel bag, just in case.

Long story short, I eventually got stir crazy, wanting a vest that would offer faster access to magazines and other apparatus, something lighter and faster that also offered greater mobility. So, I got to looking.

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