I love the muzzle brake. I love the way guns that have them shoot, but the overpressure, flash enhancement, and noise they generate make them tactically unsound and impolite. Enter the VG6 EPSILON 556 combination muzzle brake and flash hider. The magicians at VG6 have reduced recoil and blast, making them fast-shooting, yet subtle.

Designed with competition and duty use in mind, the VG6 Precision EPSILON 556 Tactical Brake is a true combination muzzle brake, compensator, and flash hider. It substantially reduces muzzle flash while retaining its full recoil-reducing properties.

epsilon flash

In an independent test done by thetruthaboutguns.com, the Epsilon was a top-performing brake and flash hider combination. The Epsilon test rig slid back an average of 3.7 inches, compared to the standard A2 flash hider at 8.4375 inches. This kind of reduction allows better target tracking and faster follow-up shots. Amazing? Don’t try this with other brakes. Watch the video:

Material: 17-4ph® heat-treated stainless steel

Finish: BLACKNITRIDE™ Satin finish (half gloss)

Surface hardness: 68RC


Caliber: 5.56mm/.223 Rem. only

Thread: 1/2×28 RH

Installation: Crush washer (included). Installation should be done by a qualified gunsmith.


The machining and finish on the Epsilon are beautiful. The BLACKNITRIDE™ satin finish is deep and low reflective. It is a great fit on my rifle.

You can get yours for $94.99 right here.