Earlier we broke the arrival of the Grand Power Stribog personal defense weapon.  That pistol has been outfitted with a Matador Arms Sidewinder folding adapter and Gearhead Works Tailhook 2 Brace.  Stribog threatens the CZ Scorpion by offering both a longer barrel and shorter overall length.  That means more energy delivered to the target from a more compact package.  Yes, magazines are proprietary, but so are CZs.

In standard fashion the Stribog is of course tested with a variety of rounds in attempt to choke it.  In all 14 different loads were tested including aluminum steel and brass cases.  Subsonic and supersonic.  Full-metal jacket and hollow points.  See the video below to find out how Stribog did.

For those who missed the original coverage here are the specifications of the Stribog taken from the product page:

Caliber 9 MM
Action Dynamic Blowback Mass Bolt
Capacity 20+1
Barrel Length 8″
Front Sight Flip-up steel
Rear Sight Flip-up steel
Finishes Black
Grips Polymer
Construction HTS aluminum alloy
Safety Ambidextrous External Safety
Weight 82 oz.
Length 14.74″
Height 8″

Retailers have been letting the Stribog go for around $700, some even offering a brace already installed.  I admit to being a Grand Power fan.  One need only look at our library of articles to know that.  I was a bit apprehensive about how something so out-of-the-norm would do from them, but was wrong to question them.  The trigger, specs, and performance so far beat the competition.

As pictured in the tittle image this makes for a handy little home defense gun when paired with an InForce light and Nikon Spur reflex sight.  We’ve also proven it very reliable with a suppressor when noise is more important that compactness.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on using such a firearm for home defense.  There are merits and drawbacks.  They offer more power and higher capacity than a handgun while being more compact than a rifle or shotgun.  The use of pistol ammunition makes them inexpensive to train with and perhaps can reduce the risk of over penetration.  What are your thoughts?