The ring and dance of gong targets is a rewarding joy.  Useful for simply adding some fun or to confirm hits at distance.  Cable or rope tends to fray and fall apart, weak chain can’t take the shock loading and snaps.

Complete Target Solutions (CTS) has once again shown how they got their name.  Gong targets are a fun an safe way to shoot and get both audible and visual feedback.  The challenge has always been how to hang them.  YouTuber HarleyWood23 demonstrates in the video below the details that made the Gong Hanger Kit from CTS a go to for him.

As pointed out in the video, the kit permits easy adjustment of chain length.  This helps control sway while you match the target weight to impact energy.  If a target sways too much simply choke up on the chain and hang it closer to the support.  Want more swing?  Lower the target.

Video: Hang Targets the Smart Way with CTS
Video: Hang Targets the Smart Way with CTS

The impressive part are the Quick-Attach Hooks that CTS has created.  Smartly made of AR500 steel, they’re as tough as the target is and make hanging and adjusting quick and easy.  Although any standard chain will do CTS includes grade 70 chain plated in yellow chromate to resist rust.  Fasteners are of course grade 8.  The Quick-Attach Hooks are currently only available as part of the kit.  $24.99 buys you two hooks, two 2′ lengths of chain, bolts, and nuts.

For those looking for other steel target solutions CTS is well liked by the LoadOutRoom.  Many of us use their various targets on our own ranges.  To see some of their other offerings check out the article here.