Clint ‘Lint’ Bunting is taking ultralight backpacking to the next level. I’ve always been one myself to minimize what I carry on my back in order to maximize the experience. After watching what Lint carries on all his extended length through hikes, it really makes you think about what you carry. Is it really that necessary? Can I live without it for a few days? Take a look at the following 2 videos to get a glimpse into the world of ultralight backpacking and the gear involved.

Linthikes has been hiking in the long distance backpacking community for over 10 years. With Thirteen Thru hikes on his resume which include the Pacific Crest trail three times. The Appalachian trail three times. The Continental Divide trail three times and other long trails. He has cultivated his gear through years of backcountry experience and knowledge. Please do not try to replicate the usage of any of this gear without the proper knowledge or experience needed to do so. – Beards World