Weapon of opportunity. Sometimes this can be as simple as throwing your hat at someone to temporarily distract them allowing you to close the reactionary gap. In a recent training course I attended, our instructor, Kyle Defoor, mentioned something similar to this. A few of us were hanging out talking with Kyle after day 1 had completed. We got onto the subject of knives. He happened to be carrying two on him that day. He told one of the guys that they would never have enough time to get their folding knife out of their pocket before he was on top of them. Why? Because he would throw one of his knives at the guy, triggering the guy to react, at which point he would move in with his other blade and ‘go to work’. Everything around you can be considered a weapon providing you can think quick enough. The Marine Corps hand to hand combat instructors have a saying that says ‘One Mind Any Weapon‘. If you adopt that mindset then you have an advantage over any would be attacker.

*Featured image courtesy of marines.mil

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