What is the importance of a go-bag and why should you have one?

“I kinda have a unique job, so my loadout is tailored to the main purpose of the pack. For this loadout in particular, I always carry a Maratac AA flashlight, spare magazines for my AR and Glock, Passport, Bogota lock picks, Arabic translator book, SOF-T tourniquet, a burner cell phone with local SIM chip, Leatherman multi-tool, trauma kit, Princeton-Tec headlamp, and some form of negotiating material in order to bribe someone. Most times, money is always the best bribery material to get somewhere or get past a security checkpoint. In my case, I’m trying not to stand out as an American, so I have a cleared iPhone 5s since people in the Middle East LOVE their electronics.

I also put a 7.62 rated armor plate in the laptop pocket of the pack in the event I’m being pursued by someone that intends to cause harm. AK-47’s are the most prevalent where I’m at so it only made sense to get rid of the usual soft armor I have in there and replace it with the plate.

I carry my iPhone 6s with the LifeProof back up battery case on it because I have a GPS app that I utilize without the need for cell service that will help me navigate without the need for a map.” – Loadout Room writer Nick Betts

Let’s take a closer look at the new Violent Nomad Go! Bag

We’ve done several articles covering go bags and although the concept is simple, sometimes people don’t know where to start when building one from scratch. You have to determine what kind of bag to use and then determine what the contents will be based on your skill level, the region you live/operate in, as well as potential threats native to your area. Clint Emerson, the author of 100 Deadly Skills and creator of the Violent Nomad, has taken the guesswork out of it for you by providing a Go! Bag already stocked with two different survival kits, 1 urban and 1 rural, and a medical kit. This kit is a great baseline to start with and as your skill level evolves, you can add to or modify the contents.

Keep in mind that this bag is a smaller sling bag and is not meant to carry a laptop or tablet. This Go! Bag is meant for one thing; keeping you alive when shit hits the fan.

Courtesy of the Violent Nomad website:

In day-to-day life, bolt bags can be used as precautionary measures—not only by civilians living in regions at high risk for natural disasters, but by anyone alert to the threat of urban disasters or terrorism.

This bag is designed for and can be worn by anyone, whether you are civilian or military; a mom or a dad. Non-tactical by design, this bag is meant to blend seamlessly into any environment.

Package Contents:

  •  1 GO! BAG, including 1 USB adapter
  • 1 Rural EDC Survival Kit
  • 1 Urban EDC Survival Kit
  • 1 M.A.R.C.H. EDC Kit

Approx. Size: 9.8” x 14.9” x 4.7”


  • Color: Black
  • Fabric: Oxford cloth fabric
  • Lining: Polyester

Up your preparedness game with the Violent Nomad Go! Bag


*Featured image courtesy of the author