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Voltbike Yukon 750 – BUG-OUT eBike



If you were to ask us about electric bikes 10 years ago, we likely would’ve just laughed. They looked downright silly, had pitiful range, and cost more than a motorcycle. Fast-forward a decade and technological advances have now made these oddities a viable mode of transportation — possibly even a bug-out vehicle.

As with any mode of transport, ebikes have their pros and cons. At this moment you’re likely asking, “What about EMPs?” Unlike with a gas-fueled motorcycle, a bicycle-style electric bike can still be human powered, whether it has any juice in its battery or has been hit by an electromagnetic pulse. [See Issue 19 for our debut Debunked column, which tackles this very topic.] War, fire, flooding, and economic collapse are far more likely to shut down your wheels than an EMP. After all, these other things are happening daily around the world already. For the ebike haters out there, consider this: If you rig up some solar panels or your bug-out hideaway is set up for solar power, you’ll have an almost unlimited fuel source for your ride.

Having said that, we reviewed a VoltBike to see if it can simultaneously be a cost-effective means of locomotion and a practical platform for bugging out.

Unlike conversions or purpose-built gasoline motorcycles, electric bikes make little sound. This means you can spirit yourself away and not draw the attention of the have-nots who want your supplies.

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Photo courtesy of Breach Bang Clear