I first heard about Voodoo Tactical about 9 months ago when I was beginning the transition from active duty to a contractor. I had heard very good things from team guys about Voodoo Tactical and decided to give them a chance. After 6 months of rugged wear and tear through everything from salt water, hot and humid climates and frigid cold weather, this plate carrier seriously has some kind of voodoo magic around it. The carrier still looks brand new and barely used! My gear is my lifeline. I want to feel like I’m not wearing it while obviously wearing it. Voodoo Tactical hit the spot with their lightweight plate carrier system. Now there is nothing wrong with spending money on gear (I mean you get what you pay for) and in all honesty when I first heard about this plate carrier I was skeptical due to the low price but in this case, the price shouldn’t scare you.

It has plenty of slots for Molle (Still don’t know who she is, but I definitely owe her a date and so does just about every other Mil/LEO/contractor out there that utilizes her design) as well as straps on both shoulders to run a hydration pack and comms. It mainly utilizes Velcro to adjust the sizing (what guy doesn’t like Velcro? I mean next to your gear a guys 3 loves are dip, velcro, and tattoo’s) and it fits every brand of plates I’ve put in it nice and snug including hard and soft plate combo’s. It is a pain in the ass to get the plates in there (a whole lot of velcro) but I can wear a t-shirt and it won’t rub against my neck which is my biggest pet peeve with most plate carriers. It stays cool in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter which is a big plus. It also has molle slots where the side plates insert. I run 3 pistol mags on my left side and 2 M4 mags on my right with 3 M4 mags in the front. It doesn’t move around but still gives you the flexibility and comfort you need when things start going south.

VOODOO Tactical 20-0096 Lightweight Plate Carrier

Another feature I like about it is that it doesn’t drop down under the pressure of heavy plates. If you want to buy gear that doesn’t break the bank but still has the quality of coming home to your significant other pissed that you over-drafted the bank account with another plate carrier – this is the plate carrier for you. Voodoo Tactical has excelled and given me the plate carrier for everything I’ve needed when I run a setup for medium to long-range missions.

Author – AJ P. Is a former US Navy Sailor who made the transition to private military contracting. He currently is working as a DoD contractor on the east coast. In his free time he enjoys training, shooting and hunting.