I hate looking for things.  When I am ready to go to the range, I want to be able to grab my equipment and head out the door.  To accomplish this, I keep a backpack with my standard equipment ready in my gear closet.  In this bag, I have my hearing protection, bipod, rear bags, etc., always ready.  The downside of this is that smaller items get lost in the depths of the backpack pockets and are not easy to find when I want them.

This is where the Voodoo Tactical Enlarged BDU Wallet comes into play.  This organizer has just enough room for dope cards, markers/pens, a small notebook or data book, range finder and kestrel.  I can now pull the entire unit out of my bag when setting up at the range and have everything I need ready to go.

The Voodoo Tactical Enlarged BDU Wallet and my quest for organization

Voodoo tactical has put together a very nice piece of kit that is sold for less than what I would pay for it (under $15).  The enlarged BDU wallet is 7.5” tall, 5” wide, and 2” deep.  The material is heavy-duty and appears that it will hold up nicely to use.  The same can be said for the oversized zipper.  On the interior of the unit are elastic pen/marker holders, a few different organizational pockets, a flip out I.D. window with clear cover (I use it for dope charts), and lanyards so that you can secure your equipment.  I have both my range finder and kestrel attached via the included lanyards.  On the exterior, there is a mesh pocket with Velcro closure, and a place for a patch if you would like to replace the included USA flag with one of your own.

The Voodoo Tactical Enlarged BDU Wallet and my quest for organization

Overall, I rate this gear very high.  It seems that most pieces of equipment in the shooting world are not very cheap, and it is nice to find a piece that fits a use perfectly and does not break the bank.  Voodoo tactical also offers the BDU wallet in 2 smaller sizes.  I can think of many uses for these sizes as well and I may pick them up.  If Voodoo Tactical is reading this, an extra-large version would be great as well.

Author – Ryan Curry