The Vortex 1×6 Strike Eagle is easily one of the best mid-level budget optics out there.

  • it’s a Vortex.
  • it’s perfect for CQB and medium range shooting.
  • it’s versatile as all get out.

If I’m going to be in the mountains with a chance of running into CQB situations I don’t know if I would want another optic. The glass was built in true Vortex 1×6 Strike Eagle fashion – crystal clear, simple to use and great eye relief. I’ve had a Strike Eagle for about 2 years and have loved every minute of it. I did get a holograph optic strictly for room clearing but if I’m out somewhere where I will need something for room clearing and medium range, I’ll take a strike Eagle every day of the week. 

I still have yet to get my hands on one but from what I’ve heard they’re just as good as the old 1-6×24. I have used it in 3 gun competitions/3 gun training, home defense and training operations. It is a second focal plane reticle that is glass etched as well as waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.

My Strike Eagle has been hit on a lot of things and truthfully it hasn’t lost it’s zero. Even taking it off of my rail, I can throw it back on and I’m ready to rock with minimal if any sight adjustment.  I love the fast focus eyepiece because in room clearing scenarios it gets tough to pay attention to your surroundings AND to look down anything that isn’t iron sights or a holograph. It is a 30mm tube but instead of the cantilever mount (I’m not a huge fan of them), so I decided to buy the Vortex 30mm tactical low rings. I used blade gauge spacers to make sure it was equal all the way around on my rings. The 30mm tactical low rings are surprisingly light and although the Strike Eagle is a 17.6-ounce optic, it keeps my precision AR lighter than it could’ve been with another optic on it. The Strike Eagle features a 1/2 click moa with the BDC illuminated reticle.

Vortex 1-6x24 Strike Eagle Optic: One of the best mid-level budget optics

Although I am not a fan of the BDC reticle, Vortexmakes it work. I personally prefer something that is simple (red dot or crosshairs is my preferred reticle). If you’re in need of a low- medium budget optic that will perform like the best – the Strike Eagle is the way to go! I have heard that the 1-8 is a little lighter, but like I said, I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet. What are you running on your 3 gun, home defense or operation weapons platform?

Vortex 1-6x24 Strike Eagle Optic: One of the best mid-level budget optics

Author – AJ P. Is a former US Navy Sailor who made the transition to private military contracting. He currently is working as a DoD contractor on the east coast. In his free time he enjoys training, shooting and hunting.