The world can be a scary place, and oddly enough the places it can be scariest are the most beautiful. I’ll never forget the sunsets in Afghanistan. I’ve humped through marshes and swamps just to get to a crystal clear spring. Anyone who hikes, humps, and enjoys the great outdoors will tell you there is always danger involved. And if you don’t respect Mother Nature she will bite you in the ass. Part of that respect is having the right gear. The right gear means the right boots, the right clothes, water, and of course survival supplies. If you get lost or get hurt, the right gear will save your life. VSSL Survival Supplies wants to provide you with both the right gear and a convenient means to carry it.

VSSL Supplies: Survive, Thrive, and Excel

The Right Gear

Going hiking doesn’t mean you need to bring a bug out bag loaded down with three days worth of survival supplies. That’s not practical at all. What you need to cover is some of the survival priorities. The first is shelter, especially in extreme conditions. Next, we address fire, followed by signaling, water, and food.

VSSL Supplies: Survive, Thrive, and Excel

The VSSL is designed to help you address your survival priorities, and do it in a package that weighs less than 1.5 pounds and is less than a foot long.

What’s a VSSL?

A VSSL is a canister that opens at two ends. The first end features a flashlight and the second a nice compass. Inside the tube is what matters. Inside the tube is a series of tablet-shaped tins that contain survival supplies. The VSSL issued to Crate Club members comes with 7 tablets and a candle.

VSSL Supplies: Survive, Thrive, and Excel

The system is completely waterproof and made entirely from aluminum. Its design allows it to fit in just about any pack and it’s easy and intuitive to use.

What’s in the VSSL?

The VSSL concept is simple, and what is in it depends on the model you get. Crate Club members received the flagship model that comes slam packed with a wide variety of general survival supplies. They are designed to address the needs of the survival as best they can. Obviously, you don’t have a tent.

VSSL Supplies: Survive, Thrive, and Excel

What you do have is thread and a wire saw. You could arrange a natural bit of shelter, enough to survive in most cases. Outside of that, you have Your fire starter kit. It comes packed with some cotton tinder and matches for the firebug in all of us. After that, it’s on you to keep that fire lit.

VSSL Supplies: Survive, Thrive, and Excel

From there you have a bright shiny tube, a ton of little cans that reflect light and a built-in LED flashlight for signaling. The flashlight acts as one end of the tube and can be detached and used by itself. This is an absolute must-have if you are trying to find certain supplies kept in the tube. The light has a high beam, a low beam, and an SOS blinker. For signaling, you also have trail markers and a whistle.

Next, we have water. Again, this isn’t a canteen, and if you packed properly you’ll have some water on you. The VSSL gives you water purification tablets, and enough so for you to make 2 gallons of water.

VSSL Supplies: Survive, Thrive, and Excel

VSSL Gear – A VeSSeL for Your Camping and Survival Essentials

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On top of that, you do have multiple ways to get food. This includes the thread we mentioned above for snares, as well as fishing tackle and fishing line. There is also a can opener if you have some cans of chow on hand. Additionally, you have a razor blade to help clean game when you catch it.


Training is always needed, but with this kit, nothing is impossible to use. It’s simple, reliable, and packed and ready to go from the start. It doesn’t take much practice or skill to use any of these items beyond a day in the backyard making snares. What’s great is you can practice with whatever you don’t understand and then order a simple supply refill at an affordable rate.

The VSSL Survival Supplies kit is a must-have for the backpack, the car, or anywhere you may be exposed to that harsh mistress mother nature.

ALWAYS READY: Bring the critical gear you choose and need for any outing in a water and air tight container; or bury the container in a secret spot to keep a hidden cache
VERSATILE: Fill it with VSSL tins or improvise with your own supplies; Cache can hold up to 9 VSSL tins (not included)
BUILT TO LAST: Military spec aluminum you can depend on wherever the wilderness will take you
COMPACT: Ideal compact size of 9 inches by 2 inches allows you to bring it with you anytime and all the time without weighing you down
SIGNATURE FLASHLIGHT: Dual mode (static and SOS) LED ‘flood’ beam lantern light, illuminates a large area (3 Energizer E90 batteries included for about 40 hours of continuous flashlight operation)


Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase