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Walther has responded to feedback from the law enforcement community and rolled out a 5-inch PPQ M2 Standard slide model designed specifically for duty use.

This new five-inch model doesn’t have any ports in the slide, and in the press release, Walther says that’s because its LE and military customers prefer a solid slide to minimize possible points of entry for foreign objects to enter the firearm. All other aspects of the pistol remain the same.

“Even though this is a relatively minor change, Walther is excited to take feedback from our customers and incorporate it into our products. The PPQ line continues to grow as the best striker fired polymer pistol with the best grip and trigger on the market” said Luke Thorkildsen, Walther’s VP of marketing and product development.

Aside from the solid slide and five-inch barrel, this new 9mm PPQ M2 Standard model—part number 2813734—features an overall length of 8.1 inches; measures five inches in overall height; is 1.3 inches wide and tips the scales at 26 ounces empty. It also sports a Tenifer black finish. The gun features a 15-round magazine capacity. A 10-round version—part number 2813735—is also available.

The press release doesn’t list the MSRP.

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