Walther has long been known for quality handguns.  Just take a look at our library of Walther articles and it’s easy to verify.  #GripandTrigger has most recently been used as a tag line and for good reason.  Ergonomics that feel as if the gun was molded for your hand and an impeccable crisp trigger permit even the blindfolded hand gunner to know when they’ve got a Walther in hand.

Those looking for something smaller to carry than the PPQ, but with more capacity than the PPS or CCP now have an option with the PPQ SC.  Changes to make the PPQ SC involved more than a simple frame chop.  See the video below for details.

As a self-proclaimed Walther fanatic I was intrigued by the plastic insert in the slide.  This weight-saving technique makes sense.  If we can trust polymer to hold our rail inserts in place why not trust it with our strikers?  By reducing weight in the slide the cyclic rate was increased.  You may think this doesn’t matter on a semi-auto but it does.

One of the potential negatives of short-handled guns like the PPQ SC is that they can feel snappy due to the lack of material to hold onto.  Walther answered this with a slide that cycles so quickly you hardly notice the shot aside from the noise and flying brass.  It’s impressive.  Any machine gunner knows that quick cycling can be tough for magazine to keep up.  That rule applies to the PPQ SC as well.  Walther has increased the spring rate.  If you’d like to try a full-size PPQ magazine in your SC you can, but not before replacing the spring and installing Walthers grip sleeve/spacer.  Attempting to use the gun without that spacer could result in damage to the guns’ internals from over-insertion of the magazine.

On the topic of magazines the gun ships with a 10-round and 15-round.  Early photos show a finger-rest base plate available too.  The example pictured above was pre-release and so did not come with all accessories.  We’ll get this little guy out to the range soon so keep an eye out for the range report.  By the time you read this details will be available at www.WaltherArms.com