With the release of the new Walther PPS M2, the original PPS has become the PPS Classic.  Walther has announced that they will continue to produce both pistols, so now you have two different PPS pistols to choose from.  This review, however, is going to focus on the 9mm Classic model (I’ll refer to it as the PPS Classic throughout this review to differentiate it from the new PPS M2).

The Walther PPS (which stands for Polizei-Pistole Schmal or Police Pistol Slim and now known as the Classic model) was introduced in 2007 as one of the first polymer framed, striker fired, single stack 9mm/.40 pistols. Since then, this sector of the firearms market has exploded to the point where competition is everywhere and the PPS has been largely forgotten by many folks.  But this doesn’t mean that the quality of the PPS has suffered at all.  Instead, what I found is that the quality of the PPS Classic is equal to if not superior to what I’ve also found in its popular competitors like the Smith & Wesson Shield or the Springfield XDS, two other single stack 9mm’s that I hold in high regard.

As ‘Police Pistol Slim’ suggests, the PPS Classic is extremely flat and thin.  It’s perfect for IWB carry and conceals very nicely.  This one came with a 6-round magazine and a 7-round magazine with an extended base plate; an 8-rounder with an even longer base plate is also available.  I quickly preferred the 7-round magazine over the 6-rounder not only for the additional shot, but because the extended base plate allowed me to wrap all of my fingers around the grip of the gun.

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(Featured image courtesy of waltherforums.com)