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So you Wanna be a Border Patrol Agent….
Vince “Rocco” Vargas

I get this question all the time…
How do I become a Border Patrol Agent?
How do I join Special Operations?

First you need to apply for the Border Patrol. You do this by going to USAJOBS.Gov. There they’ll have the application if they’re currently hiring. Once you fill it out you should receive a test dates within days. If you pass that test then you will have the oral exam (show up in a suit and tie for fucks sake!) and other exams, from the physical fitness test (super easy) to a health examination and background investigation (which takes the longest). Eventually if you make it past all that you will have to do a polygraph (good luck).

Once you’ve made it through the process you’ll have to get through the ParaMilitary Academy. If you have any military background you’ll be comfortable with it.
The academy consists of PT and a lot of learning. Without giving away too much information, it covers anything within the realm of immigration and illegal drug education as well as Basic Law Enforcement training and driving.

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