Midway is well known in the gun world for selling a massive amount of different guns, parts, accessories, and even gear like boots, holsters, and much more. When  I need some oddball part for my gun I usually turn to Midway USA to find these parts. They’ve also become pretty popular due to their giveaways. Every now and then Midway does an awesome giveaway that requires no purchase necessary. Their latest will provide you with a Glock 26… Kind of.

A Build your Own Glock 26

Midway USA is going to provide you with all the parts needed to build a Glock 26. However, using the name Glock is a bit misleading. A lot of the parts are not Glock produced. This includes a Polymer 80 frame and jig. This isn’t a finished frame so no FFL is needed to ship it to you. These 80% Glock frames are easy to finish and require minimal tools.

You’ll also get a Swenson Slide and Swenson barrel. Swenson is an aftermarket company that produces a wide variety of Glock parts on Midway USA. Their slides feature front serrations and the barrels are made of stainless steel with a melonite finish. Swenson is a bit more known for their 1911 parts but their Glock market is growing. Additionally, it appears you’ll be getting High viz fiber optic sights which is a major improvement over Glock’s junky sights.

Some people may be turned off by having to build your own but I bet most of us will appreciate the challenge of having to do so. It’s a great way to learn your gun inside and out and the Glock 26 is a great option for concealed carry. Plus as an 80% kit, there is no FFL required to receive the whole thing from Midway USA.

You can enter to win here, and the promotion ends on the 28th of February so get on it!