It’s just a patch, so what’s the big deal? It’s really more than just a patch. It’s an identifier of who your tribe is. Many units in the military have unique patches that they wear in order to identify the unit they serve with. Others wear patches to show their support of people, places and businesses.

We all belong to a tribe whether we know it or not. It’s the people we hang around with, the businesses we support and the lifestyle we live day-to-day. Morale patches have become more popular each and every year, especially at SHOT Show. For those of you that have supported us over the years, we’d like to get a patch into your hands so you can rep our brand and show the world who we are.

Want a limited edition Loadout Room patch? Here’s how...

These patches were made by Industry Threadworks for the Loadout Room to hand out at SHOT Show 2019. We have a limited quantity left over and would like to get them into the hands of some Loadout Room loyals. Here is the only catch. We want to see photos of where you’re displaying our patches. Whether that’s downrange, downtown or just on a weekend adventure. We want to see it.

Due to the limited quantity, here is how it’s going to work. Comment below with where you plan on taking our patch/brand and we’ll choose several to rep our brand. Thank you loyals and good luck!

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