So, you want to start a gun business but you don’t know where to begin. Your first step to being engaged in the business of firearms, whether selling, making, importing or exporting, is to get yourself an Federal Firearms License (FFL). Working with Rocket FFL, you could have everything you need to get your FFL in as little as 3 hours for $49.95. is run and owned by former Ranger Ryan Cleckner, his credentials include being a gun lawyer, firearms industry professional, best selling author and a university professor. Rayn has had over twenty FFls and worked with hundreds of others to comply with ATF regulations. He knows where the sharks swim and helps you avoid them.

If you want to get your FFL and become an Special Occupational Taxpayer you can get both classes in a bundle HERE for $59.90.

After working as a gun writer for a few years, I realized that I needed to get an FFL to receive guns. I did some research and found Rocket FFL. It is completely possible to go on the ATF site and get the form to become an FFL. What you won’t learn from the ATF or internet forums, how to form a Limited Liability Corporation or get a business license.

One of the things that I quickly learned was that much of what I thought I knew about was wrong. There are a lot of folks who talk and write about “Class Three” guns who have no idea what they are talking about.

One example of bad advice I got was to start a company as a sole proprietor to make transfers easier if I had to dissolve the company.  It turns out this has unintended consequences and RocketFFL explains things so you can make good decisions for your situation.

There are many things you need to know before you start. At a cost of $47, you can learn enough to make informed decisions about your business and the class of FFL you need. This class proved invaluable in getting my FFL and the money and heart ache saved down the line is price less. I saved $500 from a single tip I got from the class, it will pay for itself many times over.

Course Curriculum

7 – Receipt of FFL

I have taken the course and successfully applied for my FFL. The process is straight forward, but there are many decisions which must be made about the structure of your business and the type FFL you need. This course is the easiest way to get the information you require in a easy to grasp video format. Ryan makes the complex legal jargon of the ATF comprehensible. As a former federal agent, I have seen what happens when people break laws and regulation. Avoiding fines and prison for $49.95 is a great deal.

I could not be more pleased with the product or results.

If you want to get your FFL and become an Special Occupational Tax Payer you can get both classes in a bundle HERE for $59.90.

Attorney Ryan Cleckner Owner of Rocket FFL:

Ryan Cleckner is an attorney specializing in firearms law, a best-selling author, a firearms industry executive, a university professor, and he’s a genuine gun-guy.

Ryan has represented hundreds of FFLs across the country – including the biggest manufacturers and distributors and the smallest gun-shops. He served as a sniper team leader with the U.S. Army 1st Ranger Battalion (1/75) on multiple combat deployments. As a Vice President with Remington Outdoor Company, he had over twenty FFL’s in his name. He is the best-selling author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook. He writes firearm related articles for major firearm publications and blogs and hosts two gun podcasts.

Photo courtesy of Rocket FFL