You can have all the fancy gear in the world, but what good is it if you haven’t trained with it or practiced with it? That’s where training comes into play. There is a big difference between training and practice. Training is conducted under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. Practice is something you do after you’ve burned some good reps in a training course. I’ve been through several training courses outside of the Marine Corps and can vouch for the need to get training. Whether you’re wanting to carry concealed, learning how to survive in the wilderness, preparing to survive the next natural disaster or simply wanting to increase your survivability day-to-day, you need to seek out good quality training.

At the Crate Club, we’ve been sourcing products that go into our crates to give you that edge. To allow you to evolve into a capable citizen. Now that we’ve provided you with the tools, we’re providing you with the training to back all that up. Training isn’t cheap. You cannot put a price tag on your life, the life of your loved ones and those around you. Spend once, cry once and you’ll be better for it. We guarantee it.

We are gathering some of the best instructors from the Special Operations community in conjunction with the professional staff at Virginia International Raceway to offer an exclusive limited Crate Club Academy. This session will focus on home defense shooting, tactical driving, and urban survival over 2 intense days of training. We’ll also cut loose Saturday night with some good drink over the fire, and some war stories. There will be special giveaways, and everyone will get a kick ass shirt and more surprises.

Special guest instructors, Eric Davis (Navy SEAL scout course manager), Brandon Webb (Navy SEAL sniper course manager), Charlie Melton (Navy SEAL sniper instructor), Nick Betts (former Army sniper), Scott Witner (USMC and survival badass), and a surprise VIP appearance.

Why are we doing this? Because the Crate Club isn’t about a box of great gear, it’s about building our community with you. A place where guys can be guys and we share a mutual desire to be prepared, maybe a little better than the next guy. Some of our friends may be a little skittish at the fact we would spend a weekend shooting guns and driving fast but, hey, that same person will be the first to show up on our doorstep when the lights go out.


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