While I was back home on some down time I made the choice to get some new kit and make some upgrades. One thing I have been keen to try out was the Warrior Assault Systems Quick Release Sling H&K Hook. Looks like a Gucci piece of kit so I got in touch with the boys over at CHASE Tactical and they hooked me up with all sorts. A massive thank you to Brent and the crew at CHASE Tactical.

When the sling arrived with a few other bits of kit, I started looking over the sling. It defiantly looks like one bit of tough kit here. They say it’s “made from the strongest U.S. Mill Spec I.R. Materials. It’s a fully adjustable single point bungee sling which attaches via a T Bar to any MOLLE compatible Vest, Chest Rig or Plate Carrier. Allows for ambidextrous operation while preventing neck rub and snagging sometimes seen with other slings. Comes with an ITW Nexus I.R. Clip attached to a H & K style hook, for rapid disengagement from the weapon”.

Warrior Assault Systems Quick Release Sling H&K Hook

I can say this the materials this sling is made of feels tough as nails and the bungee part of the sling holds the weight of my rifle well. I was worried about the bungee part been too loose and it sagging but I can say this holds well. I love the ITW Nexus clip and the H&K Hook when you have just finished an OP or a training exercise and everyone sitting down for a debrief. Just “click” and the weight of weapon is off you, when you are getting in to a vehicle it comes in handy in this situation too. The T bar system works well; I like this part the most because the sling is not attached to body or around your neck it’s a nice feeling or freedom and trust me it locks in to place and it’s not going anywhere.

The only down side to the sling is when you’re not wearing the plate carrier, you can’t throw the sling around neck, which might not seem that bad at first but when you’re cutting around your FOB or Camp it can become irritating. All in all, I like the sling love the freedom it gives you and it take that burden away from your neck. You don’t feel tangled up in your sling it clean fast and simple design really works well.

Warrior Assault Systems Quick Release Sling H&K Hook

The way I had it set up was the T-bar loop attached to the back left of my plate carrier, this way in the event of drawing my side arm. My rifle would fall to left giving me a nice clean area to my right to draw my side arm.

I did try attaching the T- bar to the front of plate carrier and to be honest guys it didn’t work out too well. The sling just dropped to low and for me it just didn’t sit right, who knows some guys might like it that way. For me it’s just not practical, especially when conducting CQB climbing in and out of windows. Stacking up on doors etc…I would give this bit of kit 9/10. The only down side being you can only use it when you are wearing a vest or rig. But I will say this; I love how clean it is and how fast you can dump the weight. Awesome bit of kit guys!

Warrior Assault Systems Quick Release Sling H&K Hook

Once again thanks Brent and the boys at Chase Tactical for hooking me up.

Cheers guys Jay