Let’s look for a moment at the warrior mindset and basic survival instinct. Is it enough for a modern day warrior to be concerned solely with individual and unit survivability? Traditionally warriors have focused on martial skills that would allow them to win the fight and survive in battle.

Today I hear a lot of talk about being a warrior but is not a warrior someone who protects not only himself but his clan, his city, and his people?

It always confuses me when I hear stories about people planning to survive confrontation, emergencies, disasters and crisis only to disregard their friends, neighbors and community during and after the event.

I’m in noway, shape or form dismissing survivalists and preppers but in my book a true warrior is willing to lay down his life for a stranger.

I remember having a conversation with an employee at a hospital and they told me that the emergency room doctor had saved many more people then I had being a police officer and they wanted to know how I felt about that fact.

I explained to them that I understood their position and that I have always held doctors in high regard but I also explained to them that many of the lives I had saved came with a heavy physical and emotional price and on many chaotic occasions I risked my life to save them. I felt that risking my life to save complete strangers was and is the ultimate application of love and service to my community and country and I had never given it a second thought.

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