While in the military and as a law enforcement officer, there has always been a need to store my gear in a central location. For my entire law enforcement career I have stored my gear in my closet. My uniforms were put on hangers, while my duty belt and trouser belt hung on a wall hook. The rest of my gear was placed on the shelf, gun and taser in a safe, and my body armor was placed on the floor. With this set up there were plenty of days where I headed out to work without a radio, flashlight, and my hat. I needed a centralized way to store my gear.

One day while I searched the internet, I came across a company called Warrior Rack. They make equipment stands for military and law enforcement personnel. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a centralized stand for my equipment. I quickly ordered one and patiently waited for it to arrive. After just under five days I received my warrior rack.

The rack comes in three sections and is quickly put together with four screws. The top section has a tray and a safe. The tray is big enough to hold my radio, belt keepers, mic holder, ranger coin, watch, and car keys. The safe is big enough to hold my Sig 226, Taser, Ka-Bar TDI knife, pocket knife, and two spare magazines. The stand holds your duty belt and body armor. Both duty belt and body armor holder are rounded to prevent creases and undue stress on the items.

Warrior Rack | Review

Warrior Rack | Review

All three sections are made of metal that have been welded together.  The safe is a simple key lock and made only to prevent children from getting into it. But, it serves its purpose, of keeping it locked up, as per my department’s policy. The stand also comes with a screw to bolt a flashlight charger under the safe. Warrior Rack offers free graphics that are placed on the safe and the stand. There is an attachment to hang your uniform on, but that wasn’t available when I purchased mine.

Warrior Rack | Review

I am very happy with how this stand is put together and how it accommodates my equipment.  The top tray has the ability to hold a battery charger for my radio. The body armor is not stretched out on the hanger. The base is sturdy under the weight of all my equipment. I recommend the Warrior Rack stand to anyone in law enforcement. The peace of mind of having all my equipment in one place is worth the $124 to $149 price for the stand.

Author – Brett Hannum served in Charlie Company, 3rd Ranger Battalion, with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, as a rifleman, 203 gunner, and SAW gunner. After leaving the military I worked as a private security contractor in Iraq. I am now a Law Enforcement officer with a state wide agency in Ohio. I am a certified instructor for private security and police academies in Ohio. I am a small business owner in firearms sales and training.

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