The ArmaLite pattern rifle, specifically the AR-15, is arguably America’s most popular long arm. Villain-ized in the press, issued by the military, equipped in numerous video games, and kept legally in countless US homes… the famous “”black rifle”” is one of the most extensible and configurable firearms, yet so many users do little beyond attaching a new optic or other accessory on their picattiny rail. This talk will be an exploration of how many features and modifications are possible on AR rifles.

Deviant will showcase his custom AR-15 which can function as upwards of five very distinct firearms. Yes, five.

One single gun (the lower receiver is the only serialized and controlled element, regulated by the ATF) can shoot a variety of calibers of ammunition, launch exotic projectiles, and serve in a great many roles: from defense to plinking to weekend craziness and more. If you can only own one gun… why not opt to make it one that easily converts to multiple guns?

Photo courtesy of the US Army.