More and more often, private landowners are eschewing driving to public shooting ranges when they could build a safe and private place homemade range.

After doing a considerable amount of research on various construction methods, one of the safest and most economical seems to be to use old railroad ties backed by an earthen berm.  While there’s a bit more that goes into it than just slapping up some old ties, it is still simple enough that an average joe can figure his way around it.

Below are two videos detailing backstops of various size.  A couple considerations: First, the top video incorporates a “ceiling” of sorts in the backstop, to prevent ricochets from exiting the impact area.  This is a far more common occurrence than most shooters realize, and is usually only visible if you’re using tracers.  Second, if there were ever a necessity to clean up the lead contamination, a more enclosed impact zone would keep it confined to a much smaller area than a simple backstop where lead might still spatter horizontally.

Check out the below videos and let me know if you’ve used any particularly effective methods for your homemade range.

Rex Nanorum


YouTube- Rex Nanorum