Over the past few years, footage of Keanu Reeves demonstrating his prowess on Taran Tactical’s 3-gun range has taken the internet by storm — and with good reason. In this modern era of high budget special effects and personal politics seeping into people’s work, it’s not all that common to see anyone in Hollywood pick up a gun, let alone wield one with such a demonstrated level of expertise.

Recently, new footage of Halle Berry tearing it up on the same course hit the web, showing that it’s not just Keanu that takes his training for the Wick series seriously. Now, Taran Tactical has uploaded some new footage of a movie star taking down targets at his range — but this one wasn’t for any of the John Wick films. This star was learning proper firearm handling for a different wildly popular franchise: the Marvell Cinematic Universe.

In particular, he was training to fight Black Panther.

Micheal B. Jordan’s performance in Black Panther has been described by some as among the best of any Marvel villain. His role as Killmonger is, perhaps, one of the better developed bad guys in the MCU, but it’s hard to discount the level of realism delivered through Jordan’s performance — and now some of that realism makes just a bit more sense:

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