You can have all the fancy gear and guns, but when it comes time to employ those if you don’t have the proper mindset you will fail. You need to be able to remain aware of your surrounding during an adrenaline spiked moment, whether that is a gun fight or a street fight. You need to be able to read the threat and use things around you to your advantage. In the following video you will see former Navy SEAL, Dom Raso break this down. One of the concepts covered is creating a distraction in order for you to close the distance. In a class I took this summer taught by Kyle Defoor, we got onto the subject of combatives and blades. He happened to have two concealed fixed blades on him (one for forward grip and the other in reverse grip). He said that he could use one of the knives to just throw at the threat. He wasn’t so much concerned with the knife penetrating as he was with creating the distraction, so that he could close the distance and use his second blade to handle the threat.

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