Kirsten Joy Weiss shoots the NEW Double Barrel Gilboa Snake AR! It’s wildly unique. Shooting it is an even wilder ride. There is NOTHING out there like this! Two barrels, Two triggers, Two Shots simultaneously, if you can.


Caliber 5.56×45
Method of operation Gas impingement
Weight without magazine 4.90 kg
Overall length 790mm
Barrel length 292mm – 11.5″
Bore characteristics Chrome lined 1:7
Firing mode Semi auto

About the Gilboa Double Barrel Snake Rifle:

The Snake Rifle concept was developed to improve combat fire effectiveness by firing two rounds without the delay and recoil of a cycling mechanism. The Snake will allow faster traversing between multiple targets by enabling two rounds on target with each double, side-by-side trigger pull. Therefor minimizing time on target before moving to the next target.

Based on the Gilboa® AR platform, the snake has a wider upper and lower receivers to incorporate the two independent firing systems. The two parallel barrels are 3 cm apart from the bore center. The Lower as well as the integrated stock is made from composite materials, thus making it lighter.

You can get your very own Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR15 Rifle from Atlantic Firearms$2,299.00

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