In anticipation of my upcoming review article and (official) review video, I wanted to drop a little teaser video about Defense Distributed‘s flashpoint CNC machine, the Ghost Gunner 2.

A primer for those who aren’t familiar with the product:  The Ghost Gunner is a small, open-source programmable CNC machine.  Designed first for finishing 80% AR platform lower receivers (both AR15 and AR10), the Ghost Gunner is capable of more than that.  Given it’s open source coding, one could perform milling operations on many other parts, provided they fit inside the Ghost Gunner’s “envelope”.  Jigs and code to finish other 80% firearms are incoming, but let’s save the rest for the longer review article.

First, we can take a look at unboxing and the preperation of the first lower I put through the Ghost Gunner 2.

Next, you can watch the first lower being milled out.

Stay tuned for written review and video review!

Rex Nanorum


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