While end mill technology (and it’s computer-controlled variant) has been around for nearly 250 years, Defense Distributed‘s Ghost Gunner has made waves in the last few years.  The titular self-contained CNC mill was at the heart of a legal battle between Defense Distributed and the State Department, with the government eventually settling.  A few anti-gun politicians have demonized the diminutive product as a gateway to untraceable guns, but what is it really?

The Ghost Gunner is a small CNC machine, generally designed for the automated finishing of 80% firearms receivers. The AR-15, AR-10, Glock and 1911 all have their variants available as online code, easily downloadable to your personal Ghost Gunner.  While the machine doesn’t circumvent or rewrite any laws at all, it lowers the technological barrier for a citizen to produce their own personal-use firearm.  It is sure to be a lightning rod for politicians in the years to come.

Read more about it at Defdist.org, and enjoy the short video below of the machine in action.  A T&E unit is on its way, so be sure to follow up here for more coverage on the Ghost Gunner.

Rex Nanorum