Over the weekend, “John Wick: Chapter 3” captured the top box office spot away from Marvel’s Avengers, continuing on the success of the first two films and helping to solidify my personal claims that John Wick is America’s long-awaited answer to the most famous assassin from across the pond, James Bond. And as though the filmmakers behind Wick 3 had me in mind, they even cast one of the most badass “Bond-girls” from the UK’s franchise for “John Wick: Chapter 3:” Halle Berry.

Berry’s “Jinx” may have been an NSA agent that could handle herself back in “Die Another Day,” but to run and gun alongside the famously capable Keanu Reeves, it takes more than filling out a bikini with a fashionable knife hanging from your waist. Fortunately, as this video clearly shows, Berry proved up for the task–taking on the same course the entire internet has already seen Reeves running through on more than one occasion.

The video, posted by Taran Tactical, shows Berry putting a Taran Tactical Glock and AR-15 through their paces as she works her way through the course, executes speed reloads, and engages targets from different angles at different distances. In today’s politically divided world, it’s unusual to see A-listers going hard in the paint on a live-fire range, even if it’s in preparation for a role. Reeves drew a great deal of attention for his live-fire training in the first place because it’s a fairly uncommon practice among Hollywood types.

Of course, as impressive as it is to see Berry slinging very-real lead downrange, it’s that much more impressive to see how much Reeves has taken to the sport (and the skill) during his tenure as the titular Wick. In this most recent video uploaded by Taran Tactical of Reeves, the Bill and Ted alum’s prowess on the course would even put some capable gunslingers to shame.

“John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” is in theaters everywhere now.