I’ve spent many hours behind the wheel of a military Humvee and know first hand how loud it is and the exhaust signature it puts off due to the diesel fuel. Although the Humvee’s have a heavy duty spring suspension, it’s still a pretty rough ride when off-road. From a fuel perspective, when the military deploys, they have to bring their own fuel with them, which can be a logistical nightmare. This new Chevy Colorado Hydrogen prototype seems to be solving most, if not all those issues.

The prototype ZH2 is extremely quiet due to the engine/fuel cell running off of only air and hydrogen. This alone reduces the sound signature allowing military units to get closer to their objectives and not be heard. The ZH2 also sports a new exhaust technology that reduces the heat signature to almost zero. As of this writing, they are currently working on reducing the heat signature put off by the tires while the vehicle is moving. When driving over longer distances the tire rubber heats up just as it does on a normal car. They are looking into a way to reduce that which if they can, will make this vehicle damn near impossible to detect.

The ZH2 also has an onboard generator capable of producing enough power to run several homes. This is a game changer since the military has to transport their own generators. By having the vehicle produce that power and being able to tap into it, simplifies logistics for smaller units on the battlefield. Add to that the fact that the exhaust can produce up to 2 gallons of water per hour and you’ve got a self-contained mobile command center for special operations units. Take a look at the following two video to get a better look at these features.

GM Fuel Cell Business Executive Director Charlie Freese and Next Generation Combat Vehicle Program Integrator Lt. Col. David Centeno on the benefits of the new Chevrolet Colorado ZH2.

Is the Chevy Colorado ZH2 the new Humvee? We (http://www.TFLtruck.com) go for a ride in the hydrogen fuel-cell military prototype.


*Photo courtesy of Fast Lane Truck Youtube channel

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