Garret “Machine” is a SOF veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and is currently a firearms cadre for GORUCK’s firearms training events. Machine is a former Duvdevan operator and is therefore well-versed in counter-terrorism tactics. As an international SOF veteran, he offers a unique perspective on concealed carry techniques and pistol training. Though there might be dissimilarities in instruction, readers might feel inclined to learn a thing or two. It is a good habit to lend a keen ear to those with a breadth of knowledge and experience. Watch “The Machine” illustrate the Israeli method, seven-meter rule (aka the Tueller Drill), and various concealed carry techniques.

About Duvdevan

Also known as the “mistarabim”, Duvdevan conducts undercover kill or capture operations against terrorists in the west bank. Duvdevan operators look like arabs, speak the local dialect fluently, drive modified civilian vehicles and generally are extremely hard to spot as being soldiers. They spend years training to blend in, close quarters combat, counter-terrorism tactics and highly specialized hand to hand combat. (From SOFREP)

Featured image courtesy of GARRET MACHINE YouTube Channel