Earlier in the year Keanu Reeves was seen on a YouTube video running a few firearms on the range with Taran Tactical. That was part of the training he has been going through for the upcoming release of John Wick 2.

From a gear and firearms perspective I really enjoyed the first John Wick movie. Everything from the tailored suit, to the firearms, knives, and of course the cars! We have highlighted a few articles from Spotter UP on the ‘Tactical Suit’ and how to select the different pieces of that suit. For a look at the firearms used in the John Wick movie go HERE.

Even the tactics and weapons handling in the first movie was spot on. Most of that can be attributed to the help from Taran Tactical. I’m looking forward to seeing the second John Wick once it’s released. Until then all we can enjoy is the teaser trailer (shown below).

(featured image courtesy of imfdb.org)