Learning to start a fire in the woods is a skill everyone should learn. Fire can keep you warm, cook your food, purify your water, and keep predators at bay. However getting a fire started is only the beginning. It is harder than you think to keep a campfire going all night. Traditionally you will have to keep adding wood to the fire throughout the night, cutting into your sleep significantly.

Far North Bushcraft and Survival has a great video on their YouTube channel which teaches how to make a campfire last all night. Check out the video below.

(Video courtesy of Far North Bushcraft And Survival YouTube channel)

This is a great skill you can use in a variety of situations. Hunting, SHTF, camping, and even survival situations are all great candidates for this technique. Do you have any fieldcraft tips with regards to starting, or making a fire last? Let me know about them in the comment section below, or via our Comms Check.

(Featured image courtesy of Far North Bushcraft And Survival YouTube channel)

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