When a door is kicked in, deadbolts and chains aren’t enough to protect your home. Flimsy door frames and wood trim shatter and splinter when forced. By the time an alarm goes off, it’s already too late. Guard against door kick-ins and break-ins with the NIGHTLOCK door barricade. NIGHTLOCK is real home security for your entryway doors.

“Don’t stay home without it!”
NO SALES TAX CHARGED (except Michigan addresses)
Easy installation! Minimal tools to install – drill, bit, and screwdriver!
Made of Solid Aluminum with Anodized Finish!
Base plate height of 7/16″ Requires at least a 1/2″ clearance between bottom of door and the floor

NIGHTLOCK is the perfect addition to your home security measures. Easy to install and simple to use, NIGHTLOCK works on standard doors, french doors or double doors and can account for multiple moulding options.

The new and improved NIGHTLOCK features increased strength and surface area and two mounting options.”

– Courtesy of nightlock.com

Check out the following video to see what John Lovell has to say about it.

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*Photo courtesy of nightlock.com