YouTube personality TheLateBoyScout recently took some of AMMO, Inc’s new STREAK ammunition out to the range.  He also brought along a full-auto MP-5!  See the video below for living proof and a great demonstration of how STREAK ammunition works and what makes it a great tactical choice as well.

We broke news of this new ammo as it was released in December 2017.  STREAK is now available in hollow points under the name Night OPS.  As a non-incendiary projectile STREAK is legal and safe for use in states and ranges that would otherwise not permit it.  This includes indoor ranges.

So what does this cost?  As TheLateBoyScout pointed out pricing rests fairly between range and defensive ammunition.  More expensive than plinking ammo, but less expensive than what you load to carry.

We see great potential in STREAK for military and law enforcement use in nocturnal operations.  The light is only visible from a 30 degree arch behind the bullet.  This means that the target won’t see where the round is coming from.  Unlike ordinary tracers a marking shot won’t set the target area on fire.