After my time in the 75th Ranger Regiment, I started my own General Contracting company. For the past 20 years I’ve been building custom homes and businesses in Northern Michigan. In those 20 years I’ve owned several trucks. All of them Toyotas. Their reliability and resale value are second to none. My last Tundra flawlessly served me and my company from 2007-2018. But it’s replacement needed to be more dual purpose than strictly a work vehicle. It also needs to haul our 26′ boat on hot summer weekends. And be a capable vehicle for Overland camping trips.

I needed to find something that had most of the off road goodies factory installed. This reduces the modifications needed and doesn’t effect any warranty issues. Fortunately, Toyota has a limited production Tundra called the TRD Pro. TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development and the PRO was only available from ’15-’17. The folks at TRD build competition race trucks as well as anything Toyota decides to race. With a very capable TRD tuned Bilstien suspension, I knew this was the one. The video below was a major factor in my decision as well. Just take a look at what this factory truck can do on this epic road trip.