Dental picks and tooth brushes have long been part of the inventory of any gun enthusiast’s cleaning kit.  These two tools from the health and medical world do a great job or reaching the “plaque and tartar” left behind as dirty mementos from a good day on the range.  Though your dentist may not know why you always ask for old picks and a toothbrush, good logic stands that he may appreciate the need to keep defensive tools as clean and healthy as he expects you to keep your mouth.  What else might the medical world have that we could use to keep our “bodies” healthy?

Gun-Tips and Bore-Sticks Make Gun Cleaning Cleaner!

Gun-Tips come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, just like the nooks and crannies that carbon likes to hide in.

Openly crossing the divide from the medical world to the shooting world are some products from Swab-its.  Their Gun-tips and Bore-Sticks are actually medical sponges carefully selected and shaped for those of us trying to avoid needing one in a hospital.

These reusable sponges hold dirt, solvent, or oil and in testing proved very useful for gun cleaning and lubrication.  Unlike cotton swabs Swab-its leave no lint behind to cause future problems.  It’s a bit elating to freely dab and jab the Gun-tips into tight places where previously a cotton-swab would have only cause more issues.

No lint left behind, even after rubbing against a trigger spring.

Gun-tips also retain their shape after scrubbing which makes the inside of slide rails or back side of an extractor much easier to clean and lubricate.

Another great design feature is the flexible plastic rod that permits pressure, but will also flex as needed to allo off-angle approaches in limited space such as cleaning the barrel without needing to completely disassemble the firearm.

Flexible rods make off-angle attacks easy.

In a market that seems to never run out of new gimmicky “solutions” to money in your pocket the Gun-tips and Bore-sticks seem to be an actual solution based on the same principles that brought the dental pick and tooth brush into the gun world.  Reusable, flexible, lint-free, and easy to pack for once it appears we have a real addition to the cleaning kit.  “Addition”, is tongue-in-cheek as these will replace the large bag of patches that seem to only fit easily just before they run out.

The easy way to coat a bore for storage.