It’s Official! Raider’s Roast is now available! My 90 day goal to launch my coffee is accomplished. Couldn’t have done it without my followers. You picked the name! Proud of this coffee and proud of our brand. Panamanian High Grown Beans and roasted right here in Eastern, North Carolina. Buttery Medium Roast with a smooth brown sugar finish. I’m taking $1 off the first 100LBS sold!” – Nick Koumalatsos

From the A Coffee Company website:

Raider’s Roast is a medium roast from Panama noted for its excellent acidity and “strickly high grown” status. What does that mean? Coffee beans grown at higher elevations are sought after due to slower bean development, resulting in a more nutrient-dense bean. More nutrient density means more flavor and healthy organic compounds. In short, this bean was developed to set off your taste buds!

  • Medium Roast
  • Growing region: Boquete, Panama
  • Elevation: 1400-1600 meters
  • Strickly High Grown (SHG)
  • Varietals: Catual

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