Most gun enthusiasts remember Descovery Channels Show, Sons of Guns. Set it Louisiana, Sons of Guns followed the Hayden familys struggling gun shop business. It was a mildly entertaining show that let the viewer behind the scenes of some of their exotic and often ridiculous gun builds. The late Chris Kyle even appeared in one of the episodes. Whatever they built, you could always count on the episode ending with lots of shooting and explosions.

The owners daughter Stephanie was brought into the family business, although against her will. But she seemed to somehow wade through the drama and offer a level headed opinion on some of their crazy ideas. She later married Kris, one of the cast members and employee of Red Jacket Firearms. Only to later get in a bit of legal trouble herself.

But there was another untold side to this family business and their dealings. Below is a pretty disturbing video chronicling the rise and fall of Sons of Guns. From insider robbery to problems with the BATF all the way to child molestation and rape charges. Charges of raping several minors has put the owner of Red Jacket Firearms behind bars on several life sentences. And Sons of Guns became the true definition of a complete shit show.