In this episode, we spent several days down at Arena Training Facility (ATF) in Blakely, GA. ATF is a 2,300-acre facility with breach sites, airfield, mobility tracks, multi-purpose ranges, shoot house, and a 2,100 UKD range. A Spectacular spot where you can do just about anything.

It’s managed by CSM(R) Eddie Noland from the 75th, who is just a top-notch guy. Coming into this event, we had a lot of seat time with the Christini AWD 450 Dirtbikes, so we were able to add complexity. We incorporated the bikes in multiple ways to approach objectives: all off-road, different obstacles, and steep inclines. Next, we practiced shooting off the bikes and really dialing in transition drills with dumping speed quickly, deploying your weapon, shooting, and then moving again. This took practice but like anything else, once you do it enough you start to get better and more comfortable. This practice was key once we executed our sequence at the breach site conducting exterior and interior breaches. A quick approach on the bike, and right into the shoothouse. Lastly, we also used the bikes to conduct vehicle interdiction (VI).

This involved emplacing and deploying a timber cutting charge, obstructing the vehicle’s path and then a rapid approach. At the end of the day, the event showcased the variety of ways you could use these bikes as an asset in some very common modes of conduct CONUS or OCONUS.

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