Walther recently answered those looking for a sub-compact PPQ with the PPQ SC.  If you missed our original coverage of this gun see the tabletop review here.  The PPQ is an evolution of the P99 which proved unfortunately misunderstood by most of the American public.  An update to styling, American-friendly button magazine release, and simplified trigger made the most notable changes.  Ironically Canik later copied the P99 and enjoyed some success with the TP9 DA.  Until now a a sub-compact model of the PPQ to replace the P99C has been missing.

The PPQ SC is slightly larger than the PPS M2

The ability to run with 10 or 15 rounds of 9mm gives the PPQ SC versatility as a a duty, range, or carry gun.  Those familiar with sub-compact guns know that a double-stack sometimes makes for a more comfortable gun that fills the hand a little better.  Those same folks may also know that with several sub-compacts the muzzle tends to flip violently when you only have a finger or two to hold on to the gun.

In shooting the PPQ SC I found the gun to be refreshingly easy to shoot.  Unlike other sub-compacts on the market Walther did more than simply chop the frame.  See the video below for how the gun performed on the range.

So how did they do it?  Connoisseurs may recognize some of the superficial differences of the SC.  The extractor is internal and there’s a roll pin in the back of the slide.  These two differences sparked questions on the interwebs so we decided to delve a little deeper and explore what makes the PPQ SC a truly NEW gun and not just a frame and slip hack job.

The internal differences are an interesting development and some would argue evolution in handgun manufacturing.  See the video below for more.