I’ve always got my eyes out for products that allow me to commute and travel with my gear in a more organized, streamlined and minimalist manner. With more and more people living a more nomadic lifestyle, entrepreneurs or those working from home and commuting around town, this type of product becomes more of a necessity. One of those companies that I have come across recently during some internet searches was Waterfield Designs.

About Waterfield Designs:

WaterField Designs is a San Francisco original. We have been designing and manufacturing bags and cases in our own backyard from the start. This lets us turn prototypes to production very quickly and ensure products are made just right. No mass production at our humble workshop. We personalize the production process, producing in small batches to deliver products you’ve ordered. This helps us reduce waste and lets us focus on delivering quality products. We use top grade materials to create your bags and cases. We cut from sturdy ballistic nylon, durable waxed canvas, and premium full grain leather. We use the more expensive self-locking zippers that don’t break easily, strong D-rings, and oversized magnets to keep flaps in place. 

We cut out the clutter with simple and focused design. We are mindful of how bags hang on your body, how cases protect your devices, and making them lightweight and easily accessible.

Customers also influence what we make. Our most popular products came from customers requesting a certain feature, bag, or case.

We make products to meet specific needs, not to create a lifestyle. If our products fit your lifestyle, we’re happy.

Need protection? Our custom-fit SleeveCases provide more protection than just a Small, Medium, or Large size. Our bags let you transition nicely from work to play or vice-versa. Our Duffel and Totes ease airline carry-on restrictions.


After perusing their website I did come across several products that I’m extremely interested in, both for traveling and just commuting around town.

iPad Pro Gear Case

Although I do not own a iPad Pro, I do own a MacBook Pro and can use this pouch to store the cables associated with that. Keeping my earbuds and power cord from getting tangled during storage has always been an issue. This gear case seems to solve that issue as well as keep other smaller electronic components organized when you’re on the move.


Duo Dopp Kit

A Dopp Kit, or more commonly known as a toiletry bag is a necessity when you’re traveling. Typically with mine, I end up throwing all my toiletries, medications and watches in the same compartment, which isn’t ideal. What the Duo Dopp Pouch does to solve that is to have two separate compartments. To me, this seals the deal. Now I can store all the toiletries and medications on one side, and keep my watches, jewelry or other smaller items that I don’t want getting wet or grimy from toothbrushes and razors on the other side.


Finn Wallet

A minimalist front pocket wallet is what I prefer to carry when out and about no matter where I’m at. It’s easier to access and more secure in your front pocket. Having that wallet contain a zippered closure makes it that much more secure. Add to the fact that it is made from leather that will age over time adds some character to it as well. To me having this type of wallet gives you some ‘gentleman’ cred. When I think of a nice leather wallet, I think of what my dad carried. The Finn Wallet does just that. If you’re looking to level up the wallet you’re carrying, take a look at this one.

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Waterfield Designs has many other products to choose from to include laptop sleeves, backpacks and duffle bags. Be sure to check out their site. Made in the USA in San Francisco.


*Photo courtesy of Waterfield Designs Facebook Page