I think one of the biggest pains for the digital nomad is the organization for all your cords, power adapters and other electronic accessories. I’ve been through a few different wire dopp pouches and other general purpose pouches, but have never been able to actually settle with one for a long period of time. When you use something on a regular basis, you get a pretty good feel for whether it’s going to work out or not. Well in my case the pouches I was trying all ended up being a no go, so I had to go on another search. After reading one of Timothy Ferris’s books, Tribe of Mentors, I was turned on to WaterField. In the book, several Entrepreneur’s were asked what was the best $100 they ever spent. One of them mentioned a sleeve for their MacBook from WaterField.

After visiting the Waterfield website and doing a reasonable amount of research, I decided on the small size gear pouch. Why the small one? Well if you get a pouch that is too large, then it defeats the purpose of keeping your gear organized. After it gets jostled around in your bag while commuting, the contents of the pouch will be a tangled disorganized mess. The key is to lay out what you’re going to be using the pouch for and select the size based off that. That’s why I chose the small.

The Gear Pouch does come in a few different color/material selections. I went with the black ballistic nylon option just because it compliments my EDC bag better than the leather options. The interior is lined with a high contrast nylon with a unique weave, giving it a higher-end appearance.

Organize to energize. Pack your tech accessories, your personal gear or your travel docs in these handy, handsome WaterField Gear Pouches. Available in three sizes, these accessory pouches stay slim even when full, making them easy to pack within a suitcase or messenger bag. With four color options, you can color-code your life for ultimate organization nirvana. The Gear Pouch—what’s not to love?! – WaterField

Check out the WaterField Gear Pouch and get your gear organized!