Wazoo Cache Belt

Wazoo Survival Gear puts out some great products and I am particularly excited about their latest one — the Cache Belt. It is available for Preorder now. The following video review examines the belt and some of the gear that can be stored in it.

Everyday Essentials Kit

The Essentials kit from Wazoo is meant to provide common survival and EDC items that are easy to travel with inside the Cache Belt while leaving room for other gear of your choosing.

What’s in the Everyday Essentials Kit:

  • Safety pins (2)
  • Magnetized needle
  • Fishing hooks (3)
  • Fishing weights (3)
  • Fishing line (40 ft)
  • Whistle
  • Technora cord (25 ft)
  • Zip ties (2)
  • Duct tape (2 ft)
  • First-aid tinder (3)
  • Ferrocerium rod
  • Ferro rod striker
  • Water bag (32 oz)
  • Purification tabs (2)
  • Ranger bands (2)


Firecraft 550 FireCord Necklace

With a scraper, Firesteel, tinder, and paracord all merged into a necklace, you’ll always be able to start a fire when you need it.

  • Custom ceramic scraper
  • Ferrocerium mischmetal toggle – “Firesteel” rod
  • 550 lb rated Paracord – “550 FireCord”
  • 30 inches of fire-starting tinder
  • Tied with traditional mountaineering knot, the Alpine Butterfly
  • Choice of black and olive drab
  • Breakaway safety clasp
  • Resizable